Solo Exhibit by Susan Tobey White, “Food, Florals, and Fun” at Lighthouse Arts Center

Van Gogh Art History Workshop October 6 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
August 9, 2018
Call to Artists and Artisans
September 22, 2018

 From August 3rd to September 8th, the Roger James Memorial Gallery at the Lighthouse Arts Center will be featuring the beautiful work of Susan Tobey White. The show exhibits White’s lively and colorful acrylic paintings.

As White explains, “One of my most asked questions is, “Why no faces?” My answer:  I realized it was not necessary.  My dancers are about the motion, the emotion and the colors and patterns of dance.  The added benefit is that by having faceless people it allows the viewer to see themselves in the painting.  Another question is. Why dance?”  I have learned that my best paintings come from the heart.  NO, I am not a dancer, but give me good music, a large canvas and paint…guaranteed… dancers will appear. I often begin my painting by pouring colors on the canvas, layering them until I begin seeing the forms of the dancers.  Then I will draw to define the images, add color with a brush, perhaps pour again then define with brush, palette knife or fingers.  It is a constant work of balance.”

Stop by the Lighthouse Arts Center to see her exhibit until September 8th.


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