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Rob Kufrovich


Rob Kufrovich

I am a Maine Resident and a self-taught artist inspired by the natural world of rocks and minerals, and Native American culture.  My interest in geology began early in childhood, which I typically spent with my eyes glued to the ground, always looking for that elusive, unique rock, mineral, or fossil.  My innate appreciation for smooth lines, subtle shading, and varied textures found in minerals, grew tremendously while living in Texas and New Mexico, where I experienced a deep connection with the local Native Americans.  

 While working in the uranium mines in New Mexico, I made many friends among the Navajo, Laguna-Acoma, and Zuni people.  My art became influenced by the native practice of allowing the medium to "speak to me" in my heart, to show me how to work a piece, and allow it to manifest its spirit.  This influenced my pen and ink compositions and my wood sculpting.  Several years ago, when my former partner's son was adopted into the Nottoway tribe of eastern Virginia, I began to produce Native regalia worn to local pow-wows here in Maine.  This quickly grew into a passion for creating Native American style beadwork.

Using this “seed bead” embroidery technique to create medallions, I eventually expanded into necklaces, hair barrettes, earrings, etc.  As my medallion technique matured, beads became the perfect expression of my love of nature and traditional Native motifs, which eventuated in a highly personal approach to the traditional Rattlesnake belt.  Along with my present interest in beadwork, I continue drawing and producing wood sculpture.

Working in tandem with nature, I continue to be blessed with a never-ending supply of inspired themes, and the wisdom available to all people with an open mind, heart, and soul.   This is the mantra that shapes my art and my life.


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