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Jim Counihan


Jim Counihan

Photography is a passion that began when my father gave me my first camera on my 11th birthday. That Kodak Brownie film camera saw many years of use before giving way to more sophisticated 35mm Nikon single lens reflex equipment by my early 20s, and more recently digital camera bodies and lenses.

As my interest in photography grew, I took film processing and printing classes as well as workshops with more advanced enthusiasts and professionals. Among those were fellow members of the Eastern Maine Camera Club and Terrell Lester -- who was both guide and mentor.

My work includes black and white and color images of land- and seascapes, fascinating people I've met, wildlife and animal companions and abandoned buildings and structures of historical significance in Maine, Quebec and the Canadian Maritime provinces, Ireland and most recently, Provence and Paris, France.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share some of my work with you.

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