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Helena Bosse


Helena Bosse

My love for art began when I started school and was introduced to the joys of drawing, painting and sculpture! I couldn't get enough of it and I drew all my life. I realized early on creating art in any media put me into my happiest, most contented state of mind!

I love to work with a lot of color and hopefully it evokes a sense of warmth and well-being to the viewer. I try to show life as it should be, a peaceful place you want to escape to!

I love to paint Maine landscapes and Seascapes, as well as flower gardens with occasional figures within them. I prefer painting in a more realistic style and whenever possible I love outdoors, plain air. Living in Maine has given me the opportunity to enjoy many vistas wherever I go so I never run out of subjects to paint!

Along with creating my own art I have had the pleasure of helping children in elementary schools create their art in Bradley, Alton and Milford. I’ve worked in these schools for almost 25 years and still enjoy doing it, even though I am retired.

With God's help, I hope to be making art until the end of my days and I feel blessed to have the ability and health to do just that!              

~Helena M Bosse  2016

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