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James R. Fleming


James R. Fleming

My life long journey in art began while my father was stationed in Italy. It was there that I became aware of the Art of the Masters and decided to be an artist. My parents encouraged me to pursue my artistic interest. I visited the Museums of Europe and took Art courses in drawing and painting.

While attending Bangor High School I was fortunate to have had J.Palmer Libby as my art teacher. Under his instruction and guidance I was able to feel confident enough to seek and win an art scholarship through the Norumbega Club in Bangor.

Upon graduating from High School I attended the Detroit College of Art and Design. After my first year I enlisted into the U.S. Army as a Photographer and was sent to Vietnam. I continued to draw and paint scenes of the region I was assigned to. Later my art work was recognized State side by the Commanding General of the First Infantry Division. I was put on his General Staff as Artist Historian and painted large scale murals in government buildings.

After my tour of duty, I used my GI Bill to attend The Art Institute of Boston for the next three years. Living in Boston with its many Art Galleries and world class Art Museum was a great experience. When I graduated from the Institute, my wife Roberta and I moved back to Bangor. She and I had a graphics art business for many years. I have been commissioned to paint portraits and continue to be inspired by the scenic beauty of Maine and the wildlife of 

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