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Kate Giffin


Kate Giffin

Whether it's the solitude of the woods, the wide open sky or the vast ocean with the gentle sound of waves lapping the shore or a wave crashing against rocks, nature never disappoints. The essence of a place is always changing. That's the magic that an artist tries to capture on canvas. My personality comes out in a painting. When you enjoy an artist's work you'll be able to spot it as soon as you see it in a gallery because you recognize the artist's style.

   I take photographs of a place I want to paint. I might use the photo immediately or I might let it sit and study it each time I walk by. I don't attempt to copy a photo. I let the colors come together to tell the story. My choice of medium is acrylic. The colors are rich. I love color and especially enjoy painting clouds. The freedom and movement of the clouds is always changing, doing whatever they want. They seem to dance across the sky and when I paint they dance across the canvas.

The greatest compliment I receive is when someone says, “I just want to stare at it. It's so peaceful or it's so alive.”
In a commissioned work, I want to paint what the person sees, so I have them take a photo of the place they want me to paint. Then I do a sketch for them. Once I have what they see, I paint to tell their story and my personality as the artist comes through. 

New to Maine, my husband George and I live in Newburgh with our three rescued pets, Savannah, a German Shepherd and two cats named Benny and Boomer. 

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