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Jaymis Dugans


Jaymis Dugans

Jaymis took his love for golf and pursued a career as a golf pro. He had a course record of 9 under 63 and has had 4 holes in one. He is also a very skilled magician, performing shows for audiences of all ages. He loves music, playing guitar and bass.  He has also tried playing the drums.

While Jaymis loved the other areas he was chasing, the desire to paint never left him. He had never had any formal training, and while he had completed a few art classes in his school years, these classes did not include the knowledge he would need to create the types of paintings he longed for. It wasn't until after high school that he began painting again. He truly loved the wet-on-wet method he had learned from Bob Ross, but it left him wanting to expand his knowledge of other artists and their techniques.

He began looking into other landscape artists, and through his journey became inspired by late masters such as Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, Frederick Church and William Trost Richards. It was through a collaboration of their work that he truly realized the level of art that he wanted to produce.

After trying several different techniques, he was fortunate enough to receive the guidance of a master artist. This artist has been a wonderful mentor to Jaymis, and helped unlock the doors necessary for traditional painting. Using glazes, other mediums and working in layers, he was finally able to achieve the effect he had been longing for.

His wish is for people to receive inspiration and enjoyment from each piece that he creates. It can take over 100 hours for a single creation, and he wants his commitment to quality to transfer to all those that come in contact with his work. His goal is to build his life around painting, and to share his passion with as many people as he possibly can.

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