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Betsy Birge


Betsy Birge

I am a versatile artist, whose creative process has led me to specialize in soft pastel and watercolors. My primary subject matter is taken directly from the natural world. Elements such as moving light and water, contrasting colors, and varying conditions provide endless challenge and inspiration. When a subject grabs my attention I immediately see the medium, colors and textures that suit the scene.

Soft pastel offers an unrivaled intensity of color, immediate satisfaction, and unparalleled blendability which I use to create vibrantly colored images of places around my home in Maine. Watercolor is more unpredictable, providing interesting effects and of course, the satisfaction of holding a brush. Both mediums allow for a soft atmospheric effect that characterizes my work and conveys the idyllic mood of the scenes I capture.

I am not afraid to experiment and have enjoyed success mixing these two mediums: working with a watercolor underpainting provides a base of intense color that when layered with soft pastels provides depth and realism, bringing the viewer into my work.


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