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Mango Johnstone


Mango Johnstone

I began drawing and painting before I could speak. It would be nice to say my art is inspired by lofty ideals, but really it is more of a compulsion built into my nature.

The mandalas are free-form energy transmissions. The translation is unconscious on my part. I started painting them during a period of convalescence in 2006. They fall somewhere between intense doodling and my professional experience restoring Tibetan thangkas which include mandalas and other intricate, delicate patterning.

The figurative oil paintings are a space and practice which allow me to express experiences I could not otherwise articulate. I have been engaged in this work throughout my entire career as an artist. Demanding to create and sometimes demanding to take in, my oil paintings are closest to my heart.

After practicing these very different kinds of painting concurrently but separately from one another for many years, my current work is beginning to reflect a merging of the two.

I have always painted because words do not suffice. I continue painting to honor the memory of my mentor and late husband, the great artist, Magnus Johnstone. 


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