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Kathryn James


Kathryn James

Kathryn James has been painting for about 40 years and her works grace homes throughout the Eastern Coast. She has a Master of Arts degree from Empire College of the State of New York.   She has consistently shared her work through local art shows and word of mouth, gift shops and galleries all while working full-time for a large corporation. 

Her Watercolor painting style is Realistic and, as she believes with all artists, it is constantly evolving. She enjoys detail and texture, and loves the vibrancy and freedom of watercolor painting.  She believes that watercolor is an exciting medium which allows for a wide variety of effects, from Impressionistic bursts of color to incredibly detailed realistic renditions.  She also enjoys experimenting in other mediums, and produces a wide range of Decorative Painting projects in Acrylic. 

For Kathryn, painting and creating artwork is an expression of her faith and enables her to celebrate the glory of God by sharing in the love of His world.  Her paintings are most often landscapes, seeking to capture His Peace and an appreciation for the beauty of nature that He provides for all to enjoy.

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